Loix in a few words…

Loix is the smallest village and has the smallest port on the Ile de Ré, 14 kms from the north point of the island, in the heart of the salt marshes.  Its inhabitants are called Loidais and Loidaises.

It is a peninsula within the island, bordered by Fier d’Ars to the west and Fossé de Loix to the east. A single road, across the marshes (and salt marshes) claimed from the sea using seawalls, connects Loix to the rest of the island.

Leisure and Activities

The ecomuseum, in Loix on the Fier d’Ars side, is an exceptional site open all year round, where you can find out about the history of salt production and Ile de Ré’s salt marshes.

The port of Loix is where you will find the last tidal mill on Ile de Ré, with its delicate wooden walkway.

In the 17th century, the mill was used to make flour.  It also served as the connection between Loix island (Loye) and La Couarde.

The mill also allowed the channel to be maintained:  the excess water from the rising tide is retained. Thus, at low tide, the force of the current of water cleans the port’s access channel.  This principle is still used now to flush silt from the port.

You can also admire the marshes and sea shore from the various cycle paths.


The market takes place every day in summer, surrounded by small shops and businesses.

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