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How to get to Ile de Ré

Ile de Ré is located on the Atlantic coast to the south of the Vendée region and off the coast of La Rochelle, in the Charente-Maritime department.

It is easily accessible via all means of transport: bike, car, boat...

By car or motorcycle

Île de Ré has been connected to the mainline by a bridge since 1988. It is 3 km long and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A toll is located at the start of the bridge on the mainland, at a place called Belvédère.

When you arrive an ecotax fee is charged, which contributes to the protection of Île de Ré and its environment.

The fee differs by season:

Low season, from 1st Jan to 19th June, and from 12th Sept to 31st Dec

High season, from 20th June to 11th Sept

For cars, the fee is €8 return in low season and €16 in high season.

For scooters and motorcycles the fee is €3 all year

Pedestrians and bicycles can cross toll-free.

For more information on the toll and tariffs, you can contact the management on +33.(0) or go to the Pont de l’Île de Ré website.

You can see the real-time traffic on the Ile de Ré bridge, with the different webcams, by consulting Ré Info Trafic

By bus

Île de Ré can be accessed by bus number 3/3E "La Rochelle - Ile de Ré" from La Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine service, from La Rochelle (SNCF train station, or town centre Place Verdun).  The bus serves all villages.

For timetable and fares, you can go to or by phone on +33.(0)9.70.870.870.


By train

The closest station is at La Rochelle, located 12 kms from the Île de Ré bridge.

The TGV links La Rochelle and Paris several times per day, and Nantes and Bordeaux are linked by TER trains.

For timetable and fares, you can contact SNCF on 3635 or go to the SNCF website

You can then take a bus line 3/3E "La Rochelle - Ile de Ré" to Île de Ré, or a taxi


By plane

Île de Ré is close to La Rochelle- Île de Ré airport, located next to the bridge, with links to many destinations throughout Europe.

Many routes are available depending on the season, including to the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, and Portugal.

To find out which flights are available for your holiday dates, you can contact the airport on +33 (0) or go to


By boat

You can come to Île de Ré by boat and take advantage of the visitors’ moorings during your stay, in the ports of Ars-en-Ré, La Flotte, Saint-Martin-de-Ré or Rivedoux-Plage.

For booking or any request, you need to contact port master's office

  • Capitainerie d'Ars-en-Ré

Tél. : +33.(0)    

  • Capitainerie de la Flotte

Tél. : +33.(0)

For more information regarding the location, access, equipment, services, prices and regulations, consult the La Charente-Maritime- Port de La Flotte website.

  • Capitainerie Rivedoux-Plage

Tél. : +33.(0)

  • Capitainerie de Saint-Martin-de-Ré

Tél. : +33.(0)

For more information regarding the location, access, equipment, services, prices and regulations, consult the La Charente-Maritime- Port de Saint-Martin-de-Ré website.

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