Want to book a stay on the Ile de Ré but not sure which area ? Deciding between a sea-view apartment or a house with a pool?

Artemis, the rental specialist on Ile de Ré, is here to guide you to the right choice for you, to ensure you have an unforgettable stay.

Once that is organised, the island itself will seduce even the most demanding holidaymaker.  Let’s take a tour…

Visits, walks, beach…. What is there to do on Ile de Ré?

Les Portes en Ré - Village île de Ré - Artémis location vacances

At 85 km2, Ile de Ré is the fourth largest of France’s islands after Corsica, Ile d’Oléron and Belle-Ile. Linked to the mainland by bridge since 1988, although it is open to all traffic it is well-known for its 115 kms of cycle paths.  The bicycle has become a way of life on the island. So why not grab a bike to discover it !

Getting around Ile de Ré by bicycle


Here on the island, take your time to wander and discover the villages which all feature the typical architecture, white houses with coaltar enrobing their base and coloured shutters.  The story goes that the fishermen used the leftover paint from their boats to paint their houses

After a look around the citadel of Saint-Martin-de-Ré, one of Vauban’s masterpieces, any keen ornithologists will be interested in the Lilleau des Niges nature reserve, at Fier d’Ars at the west of the island. This bay surrounded by salty marshes attracts many migrating birds.

The whales need no introduction, they are the emblem of the tip of the island. If you’re feeling energetic, climbing the 257 steps will take you up to an outstanding view over Ile de Ré and the ocean.

Whale lighthouse


Village Ars-en-Ré - Ille de Ré - Artémis Location

A short pedal from there, Ars-en-Ré, also known as the ‘most beautiful village in France’ will seduce you with its pink hollyhocks at every turn and the picturesque charm of its fishing port.

If relaxing is more your style, you can enjoy the fine sand and crystal waters of the long beaches in the south, towards Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré or La Couarde-sur-Mer.

The villages of Ile de Ré

Of course, a visit to the Ile de Ré is not complete without tasting all the local products, such as a dozen fresh oysters, or potatoes sprinkled with fleur de sel produced in the island’s salt pans, alongside a glass of rosé wine from the local vineyards.

Whether you are renting for a holiday or for a longer stay, with everything Ile de Ré has to offer you can look forward to filling your days with adventures in taste, in sport or simply in life.

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