bandeau marais salants Ile de Ré

Local products from Ile de Ré


PDO potatoes

They are small, they are tender, with a very fine skin, a slightly sweet flavour, and they transform the dishes that are made with them; they arrive in springtime…  they are potatoes from Ile de Ré.

They are harvested in an area of only 150 hectares, and the wonderful flavour makes them a highly sought-after product, so much so that they have been designated PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) since 1998, then gaining European-wide PDO status in 2010.

Best enjoyed with a little pinch of Ile de Re salt…


Pineau, wine and Cognac

As surprising as this may be if you aren’t yet familiar with Ile de Ré, vineyards cover around 600 hectares of this little 85 km2 island.

It was the Cistercian monks who planted the first vines in the 12th century.  Today there are 70 wine producers, united by the vineyard cooperative of Ile de Ré, who harvest 8 different varieties: Colombard, Chardonnay, White Ugni, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon and Négrette.  From the fruits of these vines, a large selection of wines, sparkling wines, pineau and Cognac are made.

To find out all about the wine and salt production, a visit to the Cooperative UNIRE in Bois-Plage-en-Ré is a must.  In summer, tours are on offer every day.



Marais salant pilot de sel petit


Four natural elements must combine to be able to harvest salt:  water, wind, sun and clay.

On Ile de Ré these four elements come together perfectly, from June to September, to create this white gold, over 450 hectares of marshland entirely maintained by hand.

Around 90 salt merchants, either independent or grouped in cooperatives, work to their traditional methods to harvest different types of salt:  Large grain salt, fine grain salt, and fleur de sel, to add a delicious touch to your food.

To explore the salt marshes, head to the north of Ile de Ré, particularly between the villages of Loix and Ars-en-Ré.


Ile de Ré Oysters

As soon as you arrive on the island, you’ll discover the first oyster farms at Rivedoux-Plage.

On the island there are almost 60 oyster farms which cultivate oysters to the rhythm of the tides, all around the coast of this little island. The taste of the oysters varies from one farm to another influenced by its position, whether on rock or on sand, maturing in the sea or in the marshes.   

The best way of taking the time to enjoy them is to stop at some of the oyster sellers’ cabins all along the cycle paths or within the marshland areas.



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